Take Care of Yourself | Edition 1 | Jan 2021

Let’s be real for a moment. There’s a lot of heaviness in our world right now, and workplace harassment is a hard, emotionally-taxing topic. We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing help in the fight to make workplace harassment a thing of the past. But fighting the good fight takes mental, emotional energy (a precious resource in the midst of today’s world). To keep going, we all need breaks and we all need self care. Yes, even you, wonder human. That’s why we’re pumped to announce our new curated self care moments, delivered to your inbox monthly. We will bring you easy, accessible self care tips from a collective of some of our favorite experts. These humans keep us balanced and energized, and we are so excited to share their wisdom with this beautiful community. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted on Anita product updates and relevant news. But for now, let’s focus on you. Warmly,


McKinley Hindi
Anita Founder & CEO

For our first edition: Get cozy, breathe deeply, hydrate.


Chase your “Koselig” moment Working from home, the line between work and personal time blurs. There’s no longer a commute, no clear line where your work day starts and ends. And let’s not forget our essential workers, who are now working in even more complicated environments. In these crazy times, we need to double down on protected personal moments and self care.  I’m here to introduce you to a Norwegian concept, “koselig” (Koosh-Lee). Koselig exists everywhere, and in anything. It’s a hard term to truly fit in a box, but it always comes with a calm and cozy feeling. Koselig can be found in drinking a cup of cocoa or tea under a blanket, a nice hot bath, orjust simply by turning off your phone and reading a good book. What will be your Koselig moment today? — Sabina Chatutén Linnerud (she/her), @myanita.io‘s delightful Norwegian Instagram account manager


Nadi Shodhana Alternate Nostril Breathing I love this breathing exercise because it really forces you to slowdown and it helps to regulate your parasympathetic nervous system. Try doing this when you notice your anxiety start to creep up. I would recommend setting up a nice comfortable seat, lighting a candle and keeping some water nearby. Go slow and for as long or short a time as you need. Here is an easy video to follow along with! — Rach Junard (she/they), Co-Founder of You Good Sis?


Grab that water Proper hydration is key to feeling and functioning our best. Many of us are walking around each day deeply dehydrated. Some early signs of dehydration are fatigue, anxiety, cravings, irritability, and headaches. How many of us suffer with these symptoms weekly, if not daily? Every cell, system of the body, and organ depends on us properly hydrating each day. So let’s give our bodies exactly what they need! Aim to drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. And bonus points if you add in just a sprinkle of unrefined salt (minerals and electrolytes) into each glass you drink! — Calista Chammas (she/her), Founder of Nourish with Calista Follow @NourishwithCalista for more tips like this.